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Don’t you deserve to live in a nicely painted house?

About ASP Painting ltd

Airless Spray House Painters Whangarei

Hi, my name is Allan Shepperd and have 35 years experience in the Painting Industry working in the Northland and Auckland region. My business is well equipped with all the tools necessary for all Residential, Industrial and Commercial properties. I manage a small team of painters that specialize in high-quality Interior Airless Spray work, including Murals and wallpaper feature walls We pride ourselves for starting and finishing on specified dates.

Our guarantee

5 year workmanship guarantee

Commercial and Roof Airless Spray Painters Whangarei Wide

If we cannot meet clients dates we will inform you from the start. All work comes with a five year workmanship guarantee using only recognized paint brands with their manufacturers guarantee.

Exceptional Quality Painting

35 years experience in the Painting Industry

Interior House Painters Whangarei Wide

Hi, my name is Allan Shepperd and have 35 years experience in the Painting Industry working in the Northland and Auckland region.

Residential Painting

We take care of your interior and exterior residential painting. We specialise in high-quality Interior Airless Spray work, including Murals and wallpaper feature walls We pride ourselves for starting and finishing on specified dates.

Commercial Painting

Allan Shepperd has over 35 year’s experience in all aspects of commercial painting, metal roof painting and floor coatings. We work professional and efficiently to ensure your business premises are maintained to a high standard

Industrial Painting

We are professional painting contractors specialising in painting and restoring industrial buildings, factories, manufacturing plants, commercial buildings and warehouses.

We’d love to hear from you to discuss the details of your painting project and give you a free consultation and a cost estimate.

Why choose Allan Shepperd Painting?

35+ years of experience

We are committed to ensuring that all of our jobs are completed on time and our staff is professional and respectful. We will work our hard to ensure that your project is as stress-free as possible.

Experienced Contractors

We only hire professional, skilled painters for all of the work that we do. This helps us to ensure that the work we provide is of the highest quality and completed within the shortest amount of time

What Our Clients Saying

House Painters in Whangarei Offer Top-Quality House Painting for Your Home

At ASP, our team of experienced house painters in Whangarei can advise you on the best preventative products to protect your property based on our extensive knowledge in property protection and long-term maintenance. To get the most out of your paintwork, we recommend a wash down every year. Our long-standing knowledge of Whangarei and Whangarei properties has led to the team at ASP being recognised as some of the best house painters in Whangarei.

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ASP painters in Whangarei strive to work to our client’s timeline and in the rare case that we need to go over the agreed time limit, we’ll inform you ahead of time. Our house painting workmanship is backed by a five-year labour warranty, as we only work with well-known paint brands that come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty. We take great satisfaction in providing a top-quality paint job from a team that starts and finishes jobs on time.

Roof Painters in Whangarei Offer Flawless Roof Painting

Did you know the quality and appearance of your roof can increase, or decrease the perceived value of your home? Your roof is the most weathered feature of your home, because it’s exposed to the sun’s rays during the day and to direct rain or hail at any time. Coastal homes are subjected to salt spray, which can be particularly damaging. As a result, roof protection is highly recommended.

In Whangarei, corrugated steel is the most popular roofing material, but aluminum is also used occasionally too. Our team of roof painters in Whangarei can assess the materials in use on your roof to source and apply the appropriate primers and treatments for the area to be sprayed by our team of airless spray painters in Whangarei. Some tile roofs can even be painted, so speak to us to find out if your tile roof can be rejuvenated with paint. If you’re looking for the best roof painters in Whangarei, rest assured we’ve been painting roofs in and around Whangarei for decades.

Whangarei’s Commercial and Residential Painters Using Airless Spray Paint

We strive to provide affordable house painting and wallpaper services in Whangarei. Maintaining the condition of your home doesn’t have to be expensive. We know that trends are ever-changing, so naturally many homeowners tend to want their home to change too. You can virtually have any colour of the rainbow these days, as well as a feature wall that’s different from the rest of the home. Perhaps a more relaxing colour, or a brighter one? The possibilities are unlimited!

Our team of house painters in Whangarei will do everything we can to ensure your project is as hassle-free as possible.  We’ll move the heavy furniture for you, if necessary. All we ask is that cabinets and desks be cleaned, and precious objects securely stored. We know the key to a flawless finish is proper surface preparation, so we use Chemwash Technology to remove any stains, spots, mold, or contaminants from external walls. After that, any flaky spots will be wiped down to prepare the surface for a smooth application of paint. We provide the best end-to-end house painting services in Whangarei and our airless spray solutions for houses and roofs in Whangarei are much faster than traditional painting methods. We’re proud to be the best airless spray painters in Whangarei.

If you’re looking for the best exterior and interior house painting and wallpapering services in Whangarei, call ASP. We have a team of experienced and skilled painters based in Whangarei that know the value of a hard day’s work. We’re committed to our projects being completed on time and on budget. Our employees are professional and communicative with a fine attention to detail. For all of our house painting projects in Whangarei, we only hire experienced, competent house painters based in Whangarei. To get your house painted in Whangarei by a local long-standing team, speak to the team at ASP.